Campaign Issues

In Congress, Al McAffrey will move beyond politics to create good jobs and a strong middle class economy. He will work to bring local control back to our school boards to strengthen our education system in Oklahoma. He will protect our seniors by fighting to protect and preserve medicare and social security. Al will work to free generations from crippling debt by reducing interest rates on student loans. He’ll fight for workplace pay equity and a living wage. As a Veteran, VA reformis one of Al’s top priorities. And Al will fight to ensure that every dollar we send to D.C will come back to Oklahoma toimprove our roads and bridges. 

Campaign Issues: Education

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Today’s students are our future and the most important investment we can make. From start to finish, Al knows it’s Oklahoma’s greatest responsibility to make sure our children are prepared for the good jobs of the future. This can be achieved through:

Restoring local control. Control needs to be given back to local school boards.

Making sure our local schools have resources that are needed to prepare our children for 21st century jobs – particularly with math, science, and tech. Partnering with businesses and colleges to help train our young people for the jobs of the new economy. Making college education or career technical education affordable for those who want it.


Too  Much TrafficCampaign Issues:  The Economy


Al believes a strong middle class is key to a strong and vibrant economy. In a do nothing Congress businesses and people suffer. Al will strengthen Oklahoma’s economy by bringing federal transportation dollars back to Oklahoma, rebuilding our crumbling road and bridges, and creating new better paying jobs. Al will work to make sure our businesses have the incentives they need to create good jobs for Oklahomans. As a Congressman, Al will work with companies, educators, and local business to create partnerships to fill the jobs pipeline.



Campaign Issues: Veterans


As a Navy Veteran, Al understands the attention and care that our veterans need and rightfully deserve. Al believes our veterans shouldn't have to wait for a catastrophe to gain the attention and support they need for health care and overall support.  Al will fight to ensure our VA hospitals are more accessible, and that all Veterans receive timely, quality care.

Al will also ensure there is a high level of accountability for administrative officials who are tasked with caring for our veterans.




Campaign Issues: Seniors


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Our seniors spent their lives working under the promise of a safe, secure retirement and they deserve that. Al knows that Social Security is not an entitlement but something senior’s have earned and Al will protect Social Security. Al will also protect medicare’s guaranteed benefit by not turning it into a voucher system. Al believes that it is also time to utilize technology to be more efficient. This will save billions of dollars while delivering faster services.





Campaign Issues: Women


As the father of three daughters, Al will work tirelessly for women’s rights. He believes thatour constitution provides equality for everyone.He will continue to fight to make sure they have the same rights as any man. Al believes in equal pay for equal work, no one should be paid less simply because of their gender.


In addition, Al believes that it is disgraceful that our nation is the last of all industrialized nations to offer paid maternity leave. Al will work to change that.


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